On March 30, 2020 the chief physician of the 1st Republican Psychiatric Hospital

Agahasan Rasulov petitioned the Sabunchu District Court in Baku to have Agil Humbatov forcibly placed in the hospital.

However оn 1 April, the judge Samir Talybov, having examined the case material and heard testimonies from those at the trial, rejected the A.Rasulov’s petition.

On the  same day April 1,  the judge Samir Talybov went to the psychiatric hospital and presented the court decision to head doctor  A. Rasulov. The judge made sure that Humbatov’s release was legalized and then personally had  A.Humbatov sent home by taxi.

The following day,  A.Rasulov appealed against the court’s decision at the Baku Court of Appeal, with the chairman of the court of appeal’s board of civil cases Mamed Mamedov ruling immediately thereafter that A. Humbatov be compulsorily confined to the hospital, which was then promptly carried out.

The 1st Republican Psychiatric Hospital under the supervision of the Ministry of Health was established in 1936. Agahasan Rasulov has been appointed as the Head Doctor since 2008. A. Rasulov is MD Sc., he has participated in numerous international conferences and symposiums on psychiatry. On June 16, 2011, he was awarded the title of “Honored Doctor of the Azerbaijan Republic” by a presidential decree for achievements as a medical doctor for over 30 years.

The Head Doctor of the hospital, Agahasan Rasulov, had previously worked as the Chief Psychiatrist of the Ministry of National Security, that is the successor of the Soviet KGB. He has repeatedly found himself in the center of scandals. The Azerbaijani press wrote that Agahasan Rasulov used the patients of the hospital as slaves, sending them forcibly to this or that construction works. See: “The Minister’s site contents: the Chief doctor in Mashtaga forces the mentally ill patients to work as slaves”.  – (in Azerb.).

The Head Doctor A. Rasulov was also associated with the corruption scandals where he often forged medical documents (epicrises) for bribes. See: “Agahasan Rasulov has caused us shock”. – (in Azerb.).

At the hospital, the patients’ complaints are harshly suppressed by a group of athletes specially created by A. Rasulov, these people brutally beat everyone who complains about the head doctor. See: “The Head physician keeps the “bouncer” in the psychiatric hospital.” – (in Azerb.).

There have also been complaints that the hospital patients often unexpectedly die.  See: “The Head of the mental hospital said, “Our patients…”. – (in Azerb.).

Having failed to cope with the conditions, the hospital patients often run away or try to escape. See: “The Head of the hospital said: we should not ignore that the escape of the mentally ill patients was a result of the hospital staff’s negligence”. – (in Azerb.).

Thus, such a doctor carries out punitive medicine in Azerbaijan against the critics of authorities.