11 October

Bahram Gulaliyev

Pakistani authorities extradited Bahram Gulaliyev, a citizen of the country, accused of participating in illegal armed groups, read the message of the State Security Service (SSS) of Azerbaijan on October 11.

It was established that a citizen of Azerbaijan, Bahram Gulaliyev, born in 1971, nicknamed “Abu Ibrahim Dagystani” was a member of international terrorist organizations, being an expert in explosive devices. He illegally moved to Afghanistan, where he joined illegal armed groups. He was detained in Pakistan and extradited to Azerbaijan in October 2019, the report said.

According to the SSS, Bahram Gulaliyev provided international terrorist organizations with explosive devices, trained in the manufacture of explosive devices, and attracted Azerbaijani citizens to participate in armed conflicts.

During the investigations, Azerbaijani citizen Telman Suleymanov, born in 1988, who participated in terrorist exercises and armed conflicts in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria, as well as Azerbaijani citizen Elchin Tofiq oglu Gasymov, born in 1986, who participated in the battles in Syria, the statement says.

It was established that another citizen of the country – Rasi Abbasov, born in 1982, who left Azerbaijan in 2014, moved to Turkey and from there Syria and joined a terrorist organization.

Bahram Gulaliyev, Telman Suleymanov, Elchin Gasymov and Rasi Abbasov were prosecuted, the court chose a preventive measure in respect of them – arrest, the report said.