“Letters to political prisoners marathon” Amnesty International

“Letters to political prisoners marathon” Amnesty International


On 9 December, Amnesty International  in Netherlands organized a “Marathon for writing letters to political prisoners” and letters demanding their release.

December 9, 2017 there are 161 political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

Speaking at the opening of the Marathon, we presented detailed information on political repressions in authoritarian Azerbaijan.

Our Institute for Peace and Democracy offered the names of 10 political prisoners to appeal to them. Here they are:

Gezel Bayramly,
from May 2017

Abbas Huseynov
20 years from 2015

Fuad Gahramanly,
10 years from 2015

Ilkin Rustamzade,
8 years from 2015

Rashad Ramazanov

9 years from 2013

Seymur Hazi
5 years from 2014

Michael Idrisov,
12 years from 2017

Taleh Bagir-zade

20 years from 2015


Giyas Ibragimov,
10 years from 2016

Bayram Mamedov,
10 tears from 2016