News in august 2020


7 August

There are 23 Christian places of worship in Azerbaijan

Jahandar Alifzade, the Head of the Department on Work with the Religious Structures within the State Committee, told the Azerbaijani media that according to the latest data, 2.253 (212 of them in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic) mosques, 14 churches and 7 synagogues are functioning in the country. In addition, there are 23 Christian places of worship, 1 Baha’i and 1 Krishna temple in Azerbaijan.

According to Jahandar Alifzade, there are 942 registered religious organizations in Azerbaijan:

“907 out of them are Islamic and 35 are non-Islamic, e.g. 24 Christian, 8 Jewish, 2 Baha’i and 1 Krishna religious structures”.