09 September

Rza Aghali

Ziya Tahirov

Rza Aghali and Ziya Tahirov were released at the end of their sentences. He had been arrested along with the head of the religious website, journalist Araz Quliyev, during a religious rally in Masally in the south of the country on 8 September 2012, and sentenced to seven years imprisonment in April 2013.The guilt of the defendants wasn’t proven  either during the investigation or at the trial, and the human rights activists included them in the list of political prisoners.

As for Araz Quliyev, he remains in jail because he has been sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.

27 September


High school graduates of Azerbaijan should have knowledge not only about Islam, but also about other religions. For this purpose, changes will be made in the educational programs. Mubariz Qurbanly, the Head of the State Committee on Work with Religious Organizations (SCWRO) of Azerbaijan, said it in an interview with the state media on 27 September.

At the same time, he noted that work had been underway to establish the Islamic colleges in Baku and the country’s regions. “Negotiations are being held with the Caucasus Muslims Department, after which the colleges will be operating under the Institute of Theology. The students who successfully graduate from the colleges will continue their education at the Institute of Theology,” Qurbanly said. It should be noted that the Institute of Theology was established under the SCWRO in April 2018.

It will actually replace the Baku Islamic University under the Caucasian Muslims Department, where admission is going to be stopped this year.