Police in Azerbaijan do not hide facts of torture

Police in Azerbaijan do not hide facts of torture




Our Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD) regularly collects information about torture. Not all information about the cruel torture, especially in the police, we manage to receive and describe. But on July 4, 2018 a policy officers themselves put and distributed the photos of victim of the torture Yunis Safarov in social network!

Yunis Rafik oglu Safarov was arrested on July 3, 2018. He is accused of attacking the chief of executive power of Ganja city. He was not given a lawyer, there was no trial of his detention. But he was immediately beaten and tortured. The police exhibited his photos to show citizens what would happen to them if they would be arrested …


Last news:

1) The relatives of Yunis Safarov signed a contract with an independent lawyer. But they were forced to abandon this contract. Yunis Safarov is not given a lawyer

2) 9 July 2018 the jjournalists who wrote about Safarov’s case were brought to criminal liability.
“A lawsuit was filed under the Article 313 (official forgery, that is, deliberately publishing false information) of the Criminal Code. The investigation was entrusted to the Baku city prosecutor’s office.”

3) During 8-10 July 11 men were brought to criminal liability and about 30 people arrested….

4) During 10-12 July more than 200 people arrested, two colonel of policy died….

Today we have 151 political prisoners. In May 2018 was new wave of repressions; 6 activists of opposition parties were arrested and tortured.