Veliev Hanlar


Valiyev Khanlar Rustam oglu

Justice Major-General

The Chief Military Prosecutor of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Azerbaijan Republic

He led the arrests and the falsifications of investigation materials, the tortures of hundreds of arrestees in so called “Tartar case”.

Totally fabricated  “Tartar case” remains classified as top secret. All trials were held behind closed doors. IPD published the analyses of the number of trials on so called “Tartar case”, including the names of 10 citizens killed under torture on its website.



About the Chief Military Prosecutor

Valiyev Khanlar Rustam oglu

Born – 15 March, 1955, Yevlakh City 

Education : 

1978 – – Baku State University. Law Faculty


Work Experience:

Immediately after graduating from Baku State University in 1978, he started to work at Ganja City Prosecutor’s Office, first as investigator, then as a senior investigator, and later on as assistant of  Ganja City Prosecutor.

After that, he worked as Deputy Prosecutor in Gazakh and Shamkir Districts of Azerbaijan Republic.

In 1993-2000, he worked as Deputy Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Republic.

On February 10, 2005, he was appointed Military Prosecutor of AR, by presidential order, and he keeps holding this position up to present days.